Heated Vests and Lap Pads

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Affordable heated vests to stay warm at outdoor sporting events during the fall, winter and spring. Made from 1/8" nylon lined neoprene. Our heated vest are made from the same material scuba divers use to keep warm plus we've added inside pockets with hand/body warmers to heat the neoprene. No more dead batteries in expensive heated jackets. Each vest includes a 10 pack of body warmers, more are available on our website or at your local store. These warmers will provide heat for 18 hours and are reuseable if you only need a few hours. Just seal them in a zip lock bag for later use.

Heated Vests

Heated Lap Pads, Heated Bleacher Seats

Versatile heated lap pads, made from nylon lined neoprene just like our heated vests. Lay it across your lap to keep your legs warm, cover your cold aluminum bleacher seat with the lap pad and sit on it as a seat warmer or place it around your feet or on the ground as a foot warmer.

Hand & Body Warmers

Hand & Body Warmers
Heated vest and lap pad refills. Order extras with your vest order to save a trip to your local store These handy, air activated Hand & Body Warmers provides the optimum warmth to your hand and body in any situation, even in frosty cold. They can be used to warm up your entire body, including the hands and feet. These warmers provide long-lasting heat up to 18 hours for continuous warmth. Warmers are reuseable! just place them in a zip lock bag for later use.
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Heated Vest Heated Lap Pad
Heated Vest $29.95 - $49.95
Heated Lap Pad $24.95
Body Warmers 10 ct $10
Heated Vest and Lap Pad Uses
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